Are People Reading Your Website?

Jennifer Hoffman


"It's so important to make the messaging on your website easy to scan."

Did you know that 79% of people do not read websites?

Research shows that the vast majority of people scan websites to find what they are looking for.

On the websites we develop for clients, we install a program called Hotjar that records website visitor’s actions (don’t worry, the visitors are anonymous!). These recordings almost always show that people scroll through a website much faster than the amount of time it takes to read the content.

Considering this, it’s so important to make the messaging on your website easy to scan by using the following ideas in your design:

⏺ Use bullet points in place of paragraphs where appropriate

⏺ Make sure each section has a heading that explains what the section is about

⏺ Use columns to separate steps, the type of services you offer, the benefits of working with you, etc.

⏺ Choose images that communicate the message you want to convey

⏺ Keep paragraphs short in length and narrow in width so it is easy to read

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