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Bring in the big guns to up your game and to take your business to new levels.

Feel Confident

Move forward with a reliable plan and the steps needed to grow your business.

Gain Clarity

Focus on the marketing strategies that will work best for your business.

Reach Your Goals

Take your business to new levels in 2021 and beyond.

Marketing Packages

A price option to meet every budget and stage of business.

Bring in the Big Guns

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Ready to really see your business grow? The big guns plan not only gives you a strong foundation, but gets leads flying through the door.

A Strong Foundation

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Align your brand with a social media plan, marketing materials, lead generation and email marketing to nurture those leads.

The One & Only

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Just need one thing? We got you. Take your pick of social media, advertising, or email marketing services.

Bonus Items

We want to ensure you and your team get the most out of this plan and are well equipped with all the tools you need to make 2021 your most successful year. That’s why every Big Guns Marketing Plan also includes:
Strategic Facebook Ad Campaign Roadmap

Get a greater return from your ad campaigns and stop wasting money on ads that don’t work.

Our CORE4 Advertising Framework

The four types of ad campaigns every business should be running for maximum exposure.

The Ultimate Lead Generating Homepage Framework

What to put on your website to capture a visitor’s attention and get them to take action.

About Jennifer

Marketing Maven & Web Wizard

I help small businesses build a successful marketing strategy and get them looking good online with a website design that brings home the bacon. Helping other entrepreneurs turn their dream into reality is what fuels me each day. I love everything there is about the marketing strategy and web design process, from the initial strategy discussions, to the final launch, but most of all, seeing my client’s businesses thrive due (in part) to the work we’ve done.

I’m a big believer in continuous improvement. A mentor of mine from early on in my career always taught me to embrace the idea that “there’s always a better way.” We are continually refining our process and sharpening our skills to provide our clients with the most effective strategies available.

Jennifer Hoffman - Seattle Web Designer

About Angela

Branding Goddess & Creative "MacGyver"

I build bold, “talkaboutable” brands for high achieving entrepreneurs from the ground up. I help business owners build a unique brand that utilizes their one-of-a-kind super powers to help them get noticed in a noisy marketplace, create a fulfilling and profitable business, and still have time for the important stuff.

In my 20+ year creative career, I saw a need to create more than just “pretty things” to help my clients succeed and was fueled by the desire to connect what I saw to be the missing dots between business objectives and creative outputs. As a strategic creative thinker, certified brand strategist, kickboxing instructor, and former roller derby competitor, I can land a creative branding punch with style.

What Our Clients Say

Angela & Jennifer are those amazing branding unicorns you've been looking for. Angela's background in graphic design and a focus on strategy so her branding is not only beautiful, but creates a memorable brand that converts. If you feel like your branding is stuck in 1990 and you're embarrassed to send people to your website or social media, talk to Coalition Web Design today!
Sarah Stoenner Media
"Coalition Web Design helped my tax advisory firm with all our initial start-up website design and development and marketing materials. We were so pleased with the professionalism of their work product. I would recommend Coalition Web Design for any existing business looking to update their marketing/ branding image or for start ups that need to begin the process."
Jenny Keeney
Blume Keeney
"Jennifer & Angela guided us from beginning to end through the entire web design process. They created a website that represented our brand perfectly and captured the essence of what Ron & Don are all about. We are thrilled with the end result!"
Ron Upshaw
Ron & Don Brokers
"Jennifer & Angela are awesome - they are fast, they are responsive and I have really enjoyed working with them."
Debbie Oberbillig
Allen Partners
"Coalition Web Design was recommended by a friend of mine who worked with them. Although I do not understand what they do, I do understand the results. Jennifer & Angela are easy to work with, responsive, and they get the job done. Two thumbs up."
Frank Selden
401k ROBS Pros
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