Ron and Don

Website Design

Ron & Don are well known in the Seattle area for the evening commute talk radio show on KIRO, and are now building a real estate business with Windermere.

This website is like no other real estate website you’ve ever seen. Our favorite clients are the ones who really want to stand out from the competition in a unique way, and that’s exactly what we did here. Ron & Don have a special connection with their listeners and a give it all you have service mindset.

We worked with them to craft their unique message and designed a one of a kind website that wows website visitors.

The strategy


Website Design

We worked with Ron and Don to understand what makes them different from other realtors so we could craft their unique message and help them stand out from the competition. This website features a fully customized design, professional photography, a custom animation, and a clear call to action.

Website Design Before & After

Use your mouse to hover over the image below to see the website before and after.

Before After

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