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There’s more to real estate than putting out a sign. Collaboration, team work and a give it all you’ve got attitude are the pillars of the Ron & Don brand.

Ron & Don are well known in the Seattle area for the evening commute talk radio show on KIRO, and are now building a real estate business with Windermere.

This website is like no other real estate website you’ve ever seen. Our favorite clients are the ones who really want to stand out from the competition in a unique way, and that’s exactly what we did here. Ron & Don have a special connection with their listeners and a give it all you have service mindset.

We worked with them to craft their unique message and designed a one of a kind website that wows website visitors.

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Ron & Don


Brand strategy
Goal prioritization
Identity design
Website Design
Photographic creative direction


Uncovering What Makes Ron & Don Unique

We worked with Ron & Don to uncover their x-factor, understand their business, their clients and what they wanted to achieve with their website.

With the information we gathered we were then able to craft their unique message, vibe, look and feel and designed a one of a kind brand and website that wows and connects with their ideal audience and inspires them to schedule a sit down.

Connecting With Ron & Don's Values to Connect With Clients

After our strategy session with Ron & Don we understood that their business was about more than selling and buying homes. It was about getting involved in their clients’ real estate journey, no matter what stage they were in, helping them navigate turbulent life transitions by giving honest advice while giving them their all and then a little more. Here are some key points of parity we discovered in our strategy session with them which contributed to the final product.

“Angela guided us from beginning to end through the entire web design process. The team at Coalition created a website that represented our brand perfectly and captured the essence of what Ron & Don are all about. We are thrilled with the end result!”

Ron Upshaw – Ron & Don Real Estate

Website Design Before & After

Use your mouse to hover over the image below to see the website before and after.

Before After

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