Systems Office Furniture

Homepage Redesign | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​

Systems Office Furniture sells new and pre-owned office furniture in College Station, Texas. Prior to working with us, they had issues with extremely high bounce rates which means that the people who came to their website did not stay. We recommended a redesign of their homepage to gets started which resulted in a 33% decrease in bounce rate. We also provide ongoing SEO services to continue attracting new visitors to their website.

The strategy


Homepage Design

Our homepage design process included brand positioning which helped us to fully understand their target audience and unique selling proposition. We used this information to create professional copywriting, a custom design, and a lead capture strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

We are driving traffic to the website through search engine optimization (SEO). They rank in the top 1- 5 placements for 10+ keywords in their local market and we are continually working on their SEO efforts to stay at the top.

Website Design Before & After

Use your mouse to hover over the image below to see the website before and after.

Before After
Decrease in Bounce Rate
Increase in Organic Traffic

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