The Story Behind
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Jennifer Hoffman


Well, I couldn't have picked a more interesting time to make this announcement...

I hate to ask you to step away from the news or even attempt to read my big long announcement with the kids running around, but here it goes.

After six years of being in business, I’m changing my name to Coalition Web Design and joining forces with Angela Merzib, an amazingly talented brand strategist and designer.

Angela and I met in a business coaching program in 2018 and instantly connected. She’s an incredible brand strategist and designer, and has been working with me on my client website designs for almost two years.

Over the last few months, we’ve been developing a top-notch web design process that incorporates her brand boosting super powers to take our clients’ web design projects to a whole new level. And we are thrilled to finally launch!

What is brand boosting?

No, I’m not talking about logos, color pallets, and font types (a common misconception of the word branding).

Her brand boosting process helps our clients cut through their toughest marketing challenges, gain clarity on their vision, identify their super powers, position themselves as ‘the one and only’ in their industry, and attract their ideal customers.

This foundational step is crucial in growing a successful and thriving business and can take your business to levels you’ve only dreamed about.

Are you still providing marketing services?

You may be wondering this if you noticed that my new business name includes the words “web design” rather than “marketing.”  This was intentional in order to attract business owners who know they need to improve their online presence first. Let me explain…

Most people think their business has a marketing problem when it comes to growth. But chances are, they actually have a branding problem. They don’t know how to position themselves in the marketplace and they end up looking pretty similar to their competitors. This is exactly the problem that our new brand boosting process does.

So the short answer is, yes, I will still help current clients with their marketing. But we’ll only provide marketing services to new clients who have gone through our brand boosting process first.

We want our clients to get the results they’re after, and this is the missing piece that I’ve needed in order to make an extraordinary difference for my clients.

Meet the Coalition

Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman

Angela Merzib

Angela Merzib

What's with the name?

The word coalition means “an alliance for combined action…”  The power that comes from our combined skillsets is what’s going to conquer our clients’ biggest challenges and help them to rise up against the competition in unbelievable ways.

I'm a client. How will this change affect me?

If you are a current client, I will continue to be your main point of contact. Some of you have already benefited from the design work that Angela does, but not the brand boosting.  If you’re interested in exploring a brand boost for your business or are looking to redesign your website, let’s talk and you can meet Angela at that time.

For now, there are a few things to watch for:

  • Invoices will now come from Coalition Web Design.
  • My email address will change to Be sure to save this in your contacts.
  • My website address and social media accounts will change and we’d love to have you follow us since we’ll be producing more educational content to help you grow your business.

I couldn't have done it without you...

I’m so thankful for the clients I’ve had the opportunity to serve over the years. You have trusted me to help you grow your business, and it’s been an incredible journey. So thank you!

I’m excited to make this leap and hope you feel the difference when working with us. If you have any questions, I’m happy to chat.

Truly yours,

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